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Here at Cotton Nursing Solutions, we have developed an adaptive training programme catered for Overseas Nurses and Return to Work Nurses preparing for their OSCE. Our preparation course can tailor for both individual candidates and Trusts / Organisations who have multiple candidates to prepare for their OSCE.

The aim of our OSCE preparation course is to ensure our candidates understand the requirements, and are prepared for the OSCE exam through our training materials, resources, and practical assessments. We then provide candidates the experience of a mock exam at the end of the course.

Our training programme will teach all OSCE requirements to ensure the candidate is confident in their skill and knowledge to pass the OSCE exam, and continue to use these skills into their career.

The NMC introduced an updated version of the NMC Test of Competence for Overseas and Return to Practice Nurses, which is due to be implemented from June 2020,

As a result, Cotton Nursing Solutions is one of the first to have developed our OSCE course to meet these new requirements.

Our OSCE preparation course is structured over 3 main domains covering 7 topics throughout the 5 day course:

4 Stations (APIE) with Patient Scenarios:

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2 NEW Implemented Stations (Pr-Ep):

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Professional Behaviour

Evidence Based Practices

Clinical Skill Assessment (CSA) :

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We cover all 20 types of clinical skills required, of which you will be assess on 4 of the types

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Our adaptive OSCE course now gives you the opportunity to focus on what you need most, whether it be you are preparing for your OSCE for the first time, or need a refresher on a particular module.  Whatever you're needs, contact us for assistance.

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