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Return to Work Competence - Update

Following recent updates from the NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council), you now have the option to complete a test of competence if you wish to return back to practice.


NOTICE: Following the latest advice from the UK Government, all OSCE tests have been suspended until further notice. If you have been off the NMC register for less than 5 years, you may be able to join the COVID-19 temporary register here, to return to practice in support of the COVID-19 emergency.


About the Test of Competence

The ToC (Test of Competence) is designed to test your knowledge and understanding across all relevant areas of Nursing. If you are re-admitting as a Nurse, you can take the ToC that is relevant to your field of work, regardless of your initial registration. It is made up of two parts, or modules:

  1. A multiple choice computer based theoretical test known as the CBT

  2. A practical test known as the OSCE

Read more about this from the NMC information booklet by downloading this PDF document:

Download • 307KB

Return to Work Practice Standards

As a Nurse, you must undertake a minimum number of practice hours to remain on, or rejoin the NMC register. The NMC Return to work practice standards document sets out the requirements to this.

Download PDF • 71KB

If you're thinking of returning to practice, read the NMC guidelines here.

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